Authentascript brings a unique and innovative approach to prescriptions that enable consumers to save money on their prescriptions while enabling pharmacies to generate incremental revenue without disrupting their current retail pricing.

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  • Physician prescribes medication to a patient in Authentascripts.

  • Patient gets notified and prescription becomes available under patient's chart.

  • Patient reviews medication prices at various Local pharmacies.

  • Patient picks a pharmacy and accepts pricing or bids a lower price.

  • Pharmacy either accepts or renegotiate the bid.

  • Authentascript sends price request to registered pharmacies.

  • Authentascript' "Pharmacy App" automatically checks and submits the price for the medication.

  • AuthentaScript updates the prescription record and sends a notification to the patient.

Pharmacy fills the prescription at a price that's right for the patient.


Grow your practice by increasing productivity, safety, improved patient care & satisfaction.

  • Increased Patient flow
  • Secured Prescription Transmission
  • Error Reduction
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Cost Savings to Patients
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Let pharmcies compete for your business generating huge cost and time savings for you.

  • Price Comparison
  • Negotiate Medication Cost
  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Quick Access to Care Provider
  • Faster Prescriptions
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Increased customer flow and incremental revenue without disrupting existing distribution channels.

  • Increased Customers & Revenue
  • Improved Patient Safety
  • Increased Medication Compliance
  • Eliminate Prescription Errors
  • Real time Drug Pricing Analysis
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EHR,EMR, and Eprescribe Integration

Integration Engine supports various data formats and healthcare standards including HL7 (Version 2 and 3), HL7 CDA & CCD, CCR, X12, NCPDP, DICOM, XML, delimited files

HIPAA and HITECH Act Compliant

100% HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant meeting the government regulations on data transmission and storage. We use 256-bit encryption to securely transmit your data.

Efficient e-Prescribing

Easy workflow that allows you to connect to pharmacies across the USA to send electronic medical prescriptions and helping to reduce the risk of medication errors caused by illegible or incomplete handwritten and electronics prescriptions.

Patient & Practice Management

Cloud based complete management of your data anytime anywhere. Your data goes with you.

Secure, Scalable & Robust

Hosted on HIPPA compliant AWS cloud, a proven cloud platform serving millions of users, at Tier 1 Data centers in USA and strictly adheres to industry standard security and privacy policies.100% SLA

Mobile Enabled

Access to you data on go anytime anywhere. Designed mobile first to support great experience on iPad and tablets.

No Upfront Costs

No expensive hardware or software installation. Latest feature set rolled out to you seamlessly for zero cost.

24/7 Support

Our staff is readily available to answer any questions that you may have.

Not Only AuthentaScripts Helped Patients Save over 40% on Average but Also Brought Efficiency to Pharmacies to Generate Substantial Business via their Platform.

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